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Petknode owners fined!!!

This article news was taken from The Star

***Friday June 29, 2012***

PETALING JAYA: Animal care centre Petknode owners Shahrul Azuwan Adanan and Yushairi Khairuddin have been fined a total of RM6,000 by a magistrate’s court here after they pleaded guilty to 30 counts of animal neglect.
The two men, who allowed eight cats under their care to die of hunger and dehydration during the Hari Raya holidays last year, were fined RM200 for each charge.
Magistrate Elena Hong Tze Lan said she was bound by provisions under the Animal Act, which stated that offenders must be given a chance to pay a fine before being sentenced to imprisonment.
However, she said she was meting out the maximum amount allowed by the Act.
Shahrul and Yushairi, both 29, who had initially pleaded not guilty changed their plea on June 12.
They committed the offences at their premises at the Plaza Seasons Square, Jalan PJU 10/3, in Damansara Damai on Sept 3 and 4 last year.
Animal rescue volunteers and police were forced to break into the centre to rescue about 30 cats.
Both Shahrul and Yushairi had since apologised for their actions, saying they could not cope as there had been too many cats to look after.
The men were jointly charged under Section 44 (1)(d) of the Animal Act, which provides a RM200 fine or up to six months in jail.
A group of pet owners and animal lovers, who had gathered at the court, were in tears and yelling at the men as they left.


Rumah Api/Noisy Garage, Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The two days event is dedicated for KTAJ fund-raising for animals sterilization subsidy program which will be set up soon to replace Snip Program. 

KTAJ are no longer involved in Snip Program (supported by SPCA-DBKL) to allow the individual rescuers using the facilities provided by the SPCA-DBKL. 

From our side, we wish to help whenever/whatever we can~

@Rumah Api, Ampang
KTAJ Animal Rescue Community
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PETKNODE Pet Boarding "HELL"

It's a sad news for all animal lovers in Malaysia. The culprit is PETKNODE Pet Boarding "HELL", the unresponsible pet services company in Damansara Damai, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

It's all started from the volunteers of "Kucing Terbiar & Anjing Jalanan (KTAJ)" @ http://kucingterbiaranjingjalanan.blogspot.com/ whose detected some of the pets that are left to their care has been abused and neglected. And the news has been spread to their Facebook  page @ https://www.facebook.com/ktaj0311?sk=wall and being supported by other volunteers such as, myanimalcare. @ https://www.facebook.com/myanimalcare.org?sk=wall

Please share this page with your friends so we have enough support to petition the government for tougher measures against animal abuse. Someone must be brought to JUSTICE for the Petknode saga!

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