Lazy Sunday? No Way!

Bozon Monologue 
Monologue 1: handsome tomcat ;-)

Yesterday was such a lazy Sunday for me but when my Silly Sis shot some pictures of me, it really gives me something to go bonkers about! Haahahh!! MOL!! Now, Monday is a good day to start showing off my,here I come! Yeahh!!

So what do you think of this piece on the right? Handsome or not..of course lah handsome!! Hahahh! Well thank you my fellow cats!!  ^_^

Monologue 2: blurry but handsome *_^

Yeah yeah yeahss!!! Here's your ultimate handsome tomcat...!!! This piece on the left shows a bit of my serious face. But, still the handsome tomcat ;-)                         

Monologue 3: Still handsome and blurry!

Aiyoh! What happen to my Silly Sis's hands? I'm not ready yet, why you shot so early huh!!! Iskk....note to self ----> I have to learn to take picture by myself! ;-p (If only!) MOL!!!

Monologue 4: Yeah!  ^_^

Now, this next piece is me getting outside in the backyard. Trying to get some hot sun and do some exercise. Ok, lets go! Weeehuu!! 

Thank you my Silly Sis and Sunday ;-)