Miss Miss!!

Miss You... :-(

Oh No!! Not that big bag thingy againnnn!!? But, it's official now, my Silly Sis going off for a holiday tomorrow...!!!!  :'-(

Looks like she going to the place where cats-free! (again!) Well...I guess I need my time for myself too...sunbathing till night :-D or catnip and catnap all day long!! Hahaahh! MOL!! ;-)

Yeah I'm sooo gonna miss her funny voice and pat...And whose going to help me do this blogging?!! Huhh...NO ONE!!! I'm sooo gonna miss do blogging with her...!

Silly Sis...come home early ok! (she told me that she's off for 2 freaking WEEKS!!! WHAT??? Now I better ask her to put some extra pictures or notes!!! :-p

Our Silly Sis's big sister will be taking care of us. She's the one who always make sarcastic jokes with me...calling me Kambeng (goat) she said I look like one! Hahahh!! But, she still our Silly Sis's big sis and we know that she always love us too... ;-)

Enjoy your holiday our dearest Silly Sis!!

Owhh! I know you.... ^_*

 I Know You!!!

Nip-nip acting cool and Cookie gets itchy! :-P

Now, I would like to introduce you to some of my furry friends. We live in and out of the house and together we protect each others butt! And of course playing around together and at least fights twice in a day!! Hahahh!! MOL!! ^_^

I think the dogs are cool but, sometimes when they started to play hit and run with me it really scares the hell out of me!!! Runnnnn for your life Bozonnnn!!! :-P

Morning-morning do the alien eyes! Aiyayaay!!

This is the old bro Morning-morning (different catparents) I was so tight and close with him when I was little. But, now we both grown mancat seems to be fighting and scratching each others furr! All in all, we actually still love each other and keep our purrs and hugs whenever we relaxing in the night. 

Mimi the Clown Cat!

The little bro name Mimi (also from different catparents) This boy's are so funny and cheeky! He always wants to play around even when we all trying to get some catnap or in our sleepy night time! What a clown cat!!! :-D

With all the differences, we still LOVE and CARE each others butt. No matter what colour of your fur or what texture it is or what sounds of meoww/barks you make...we still protect each others. 
Thank you. Now I want to sleep...