OMC! Silly Sis, What Toke You So Long?!!

Hiatus With A Toast!

Bozon: Yummylicous =^_^=
Hi to all my furriends!!! Miss you guys so much!!! Sorry for the quiet treatment. 

Ever since she get back from the holiday, my Silly Sis are too busy with her work and job-hunting. And plus her mental seems to be stuck. I guess she's alright now. We love you.

Morning-Morning: Yummy yummy~~

Thanks to Silly Sis for the yummy cat gifts!

Thank you for being our furriends!!! We love you!!! 
We would like to say thanks a million to our CB furriends that linking us and get us to this whole wonderful furriendship!!!
Love Love Love.

We're blushing! =^_^=
Got this great fancy Award from our friend, 
Sharyn from The Kitty City Gazette

We Love The Kitty City Gazette!!!