Miss Miss!!

Miss You... :-(

Oh No!! Not that big bag thingy againnnn!!? But, it's official now, my Silly Sis going off for a holiday tomorrow...!!!!  :'-(

Looks like she going to the place where cats-free! (again!) Well...I guess I need my time for myself too...sunbathing till night :-D or catnip and catnap all day long!! Hahaahh! MOL!! ;-)

Yeah I'm sooo gonna miss her funny voice and pat...And whose going to help me do this blogging?!! Huhh...NO ONE!!! I'm sooo gonna miss do blogging with her...!

Silly Sis...come home early ok! (she told me that she's off for 2 freaking WEEKS!!! WHAT??? Now I better ask her to put some extra pictures or notes!!! :-p

Our Silly Sis's big sister will be taking care of us. She's the one who always make sarcastic jokes with me...calling me Kambeng (goat) she said I look like one! Hahahh!! But, she still our Silly Sis's big sis and we know that she always love us too... ;-)

Enjoy your holiday our dearest Silly Sis!!


Sammy and Andy said...

We will be missing you!!!!!! We hope your Silly Sis has a really nice holiday though. xxxxxxxxxx

Anya said...

I hope your (silly) Sis have a wonderful time on her vacation.
Maybe you receive many new toys and catsnacks :))))))

Hugs Kareltje =^.^=

Jacqueline said...

We hope your Silly Sis has a safe and fun trip; we will miss you while she is away...Kisses to our new friends...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki